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September 29th, 2015

Here at Hani Coffee Co., we believe that by using only the highest-quality products and fostering a culture of passion for coffee among our customers and staff, we can achieve so much more than just a great cup of coffee. This month, our company is maintaining these values by continuing to learn and grow.

Tim Heinze recently attended a two and a half week coffee training in Pu’er, put on by Greenhouse Coffee Lab in association with the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The SCAA is one of the leading entities in the world that provides specialized training and certifications within the coffee industry. Andrea Allen and Esther Shaw, SCAA certified instructors, came from the States to teach about a variety of complex topics ranging from roasting to barista. Esther previously ran the quality control lab for Intelligentsia Coffee and now has her own company training, sourcing green bean, and roasting coffee. Andrea is an internationally-renown barista and leader of Onyx Coffee. She was recently featured on the cover of Barista Magazine and brings incredible experience behind the bar and running a cafe. During the training, Tim earned Roaster Level 1 and 2, Coffee Taster’s Level 1 and 2, Golden Cup Technician, Lead Instructor, and Barista Level 1 certifications. These classes and certifications benefit the Hani Coffee crew through providing knowledge that we can share to enhance what our partners are doing in their cafes as well as a set of tools to enrich the excellent product we offer. By learning from experts in the field how to deliver exceptional products and customer experience, we can continue to flourish as a company and expand our presence in the international market.

One example is this year’s shipment of unroasted, green beans that arrived in Australia the last week of August. At just over 42,000 pounds, this export is the largest our company has ever done. Our partner, Saxon Wright, is the main buyer of this lot, but he has also decided to serve as a warehouse for all of the Yunnan Coffee sales into Australia. Saxon has been involved in the coffee industry for over 15 years and is the founder and owner of Pablo & Rusty’s Specialty Coffee. He has been a head judge in the National, World, and Australian Barista Championships; his expertise and partnership are invaluable to our company. With the support of other partners like Saxon, we can continue to see a major expansion of Yunnan Coffee into new regions around the world. As more people come into contact with these beans, they hear the story of the farmers we work with and the investment we are making into their lives. This is how coffee stretches beyond the mug in your hand. More knowledge. Better coffee. Changed lives.

Medical and Water Project

September 6th, 2015

In April, Hani Coffee Co had a team of medical professionals and long-time supporters from America come to work alongside our coffee communities in an effort to meet local needs.

Since this area has limited access to medical care, a pediatrician did wellness checkups for about 50 young children. After their checkups, the children were able to learn about basic health and hygiene practices in a fun, interactive way from local, trained health workers. Over the last year our team has begun a great friendship with a government official in this region. When we told her we were bringing a team of medical professionals, she requested that they see two patients from the area who had been diagnosed with serious medical conditions: one a young girl with a painful skin disease and the other a baby with two heart murmurs. The pediatrician and our local team on the ground were able to develop a thorough treatment plan for the young girl’s skin, who has since seen some improvement. He was also able to check the baby’s progress and offer a treatment plan. He was encouraged not only by the health of the baby in spite of this condition, but also by the love, care, and concern the parents expressed. Our team continues to follow up with this young family, and the baby is doing great!

In addition to limited healthcare, this area has insufficient water for both personal consumption and agricultural use. During coffee processing season, water is overflowing from the village wells; however, when the dry season comes, personal water supply begins to dwindle. Hani Coffee Co was excited to be able to provide funds for and begin construction on two water holding tanks in the village.

We desire to continue meeting needs like these as we seek to communicate our concern for the lives and well-being of locals. It is always a pleasure to live life with and hear the stories of those working to harvest the coffee we serve. To place names, faces, and lives behind each cup of coffee is a delight.



New Packaging!

August 18th, 2015

Hello customers, friends, and supporters,

We are excited to introduce you to the new look of Hani Coffee Co! In an effort to enhance the customer experience, we have created a modern, crisp new design for our coffee bags that provides basic information about the origin and roast of the coffee you are choosing. During the process of trademarking our logo, we made the transition to a new Chinese name, 哈美尼 (HaMeiNi). Not only is it a combination of the Chinese word for America and the people group we have been working alongside, it is a play on the word “harmony”. It represents what the company is all about. In harmony, we see the union of great coffee and changed lives as the company continues to serve people in this area. We also bring producer and consumer together over a harmonious cup of coffee!

Although things may look different on the outside, nothing has changed within our company or the coffee itself. The same passions of delicious coffee and impacted communities that started this journey continue to drive us.  We are excited about rolling this out in the U.S. in the coming months, but you can begin seeing our new packaging in China immediately.

As Hani Coffee Co continues to expand, we want to include you! For this reason, we will be using social media to share coffee news and stories about lives impacted here in China. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, subscribe to our WeChat Official Account, or check the website for blog updates.

Thank you to those who have continued to support us along this journey! We are excited about the future and count it a joy share it with you. We. love. coffee…from the farm to the cup!



Coffee Tasting Event! 全球咖啡品鉴! Join Us!

November 4th, 2013

We here at Hani Coffee Co. are always looking for ways to share our passion of coffee with others. We are excited to announce an upcoming opportunity that will be fun for all coffee lovers. We will be hosting a coffee tasting event on November 22 from 7-9PM. The cost is only 50RMB per person! We have the pleasure of having Saxon Wright, a World Barista Champion Judge, guide us on our journey around the world of coffee. Please mark your calendar and join us on November 22 from 7-9PM at 18ME Café (click here for directions). Let us know if you are planning to attend by dropping us an email. Thanks! Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Break Student Exchange

March 21st, 2013


We are always thankful to have folks from America, and nothing seems to generate excitement more than a visit from American friends to the campus in YJ. Six students from Texas came to be a part of a week-long cultural exchange and as to be expected were local celebrities during their stay. Each student was paired with a Chinese partner and spent their days seeing what life was like for their new friend. They ate with their partner, went to class with their partner, played basketball, and shared about their lives during English classes. These partnerships have significant impact on both the Chinese and the American students, and we always love the excitement and eagerness to study English that these exchange trips bring.

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New Friends!

January 28th, 2013


It’s always great to meet new people along the way ! It’s a busy time here at Hani Coffee Co as we are working on finalizing all the logistics of getting new crop beans to you all for the 2013 season.We are excited about the offerings we have and I know you are going to enjoy the beans for this year’s coffee!

A co-worker and I were at our facilities the other day and we had a visitor come by. The parents of the  little girl in the picture work next door to our facility, so she came by to see what all this coffee stuff is about! I had to get a photo as laughing and talking with this child  reminded me of what all this is about!

Thanks you all for your continued support and as always
“Enjoy the Journey”

Vision and Hygiene!

December 17th, 2012


In mid December, Hani Coffee staff and friends visited two schools in a rural area to conduct dental hygiene training and a vision screening clinic. In the two villages, we had class and did screening for over 400 students and teachers. Aside from having a great time with the kids and communities, we were able to detect some vision problems in some  20 students.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working with ophthalmologists to determine the severity of each child’s eye problem and work with parents on a course of action to get them repaired. It’s exciting to know we will be able to help so many kids have better eyesight and in turn help them to be able to study and learn better along the way! I want to thank our staff and the friends who traveled with us for caring and being willing to work so hard to make a difference!

As always, thank you for your partnership in all this!

Enjoy the Journey!



2012 Nordica Christmas Fair

December 17th, 2012

nordica_fair_optThe 2012 Nordica Christmas fair went great this year! We had a great time serving Hani coffee and our new chocolates to so many of you. Thanks so much for your support and friendship.

Our new espresso machine was a big hit as were the eggnog Lattes! If you missed out on the free cup offer you can purchase one in KMG just contact the office and we can make arrangements.

The week following the Nordica fair we  were all off to two villages to conduct our first vision screening with students. Look for more on that on the web site.

As always “Enjoy the Journey!”

Let’s Learn About Coffee

July 12th, 2012

img_7328_optDuring the first week of June, our team here at Hani Coffee Co. took a trip down south to provide some coffee training to an old friend and partner: Mei Mei Cafe. For ten years now, Mei Mei Cafe has been the premiere cafe in JingHong. Anyone who has spent time enjoying their delicious, home-made pastries, or savoring a cup of fresh, local juice can attest to their high quality and great service. For over three years now, Mei Mei Cafe has used and served Hani Coffee. We are extremely grateful for their continual support and partnership.

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Clean Hands! Clean Teeth!

July 12th, 2012

dsc_0259_optNot only did we have a great week of teaching English, we wrapped up the week with visits to two different Hani villages. In the past, we have shared a meal in the homes of some of the students, but this year we decided to utilize this time for health and sanitation projects. We selected two villages where the relationships are strong and the needs are many. After preliminary visits in May, we decided to hold hygiene trainings for the villages’ children. Our team of 20+ split into two different groups and headed off and up the mountains early Saturday morning. Read the rest of this entry »

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